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Open Job #665

Location: Los Altos, CA
Pay: $35-37 per hour, DOE
Start Date: October 15, 2023
Schedule: Full-time with overtime
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours

Attentive, Loving, & Collaborative Nanny for 2-Year Old Boy

Base Schedule

  • Candidate’s choice of Option A or Option B hours.

Option A:

  • 7:30 AM-6 PM Monday-Thursday
  • 6 hours overtime pay per week
  • 42 total hours per week

Option B:

  • 7:30 AM-6 PM Monday-Friday
  • 12.5 hours overtime pay per week
  • 52.5 total hours per week

Additional Hours

  • Flexibility to stay as late as 7 PM one night per month required

This loving, tight-knit family is looking for an experienced, nurturing, and gentle temporary nanny for their very active 2-year old son. His favorite activities are running and climbing, playing with cars and trucks, imaginary play (he loves pretending to be a dog or cat!), and going for car rides and stroller walks. A friendly demeanor, mellow personality, and the ability to keep up with a toddler with advanced gross motor skills are important qualities for nanny to possess. This position is expected to last approximately 6 months.

This family has a very child-led caregiving style, but also prioritizes structure and routine. Little one naps daily for 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours and has a consistent eating and playtime schedule. Mom and dad value RIE methodology and fostering little one’s autonomy by letting him choose the activities he wants to explore and participate in for playtime. A familiarity with RIE practices is preferred, but this family is also happy to consider candidates who are willing to learn about RIE and they will pay for nanny’s professional development in this area and/or offer reading materials. Like most toddlers, this little one can have some big emotions that he doesn’t fully understand how to appropriately express. Patience and empathy are key, as he responds best to having his feelings acknowledged, and being talked through those big emotions respectfully and calmly. Along with his energetic and physically advanced nature, he can be impulsive, which may put him in some tricky situations. This family is looking for a nanny who is exceptionally watchful and safety-oriented.

No household duties are required, but nanny should be comfortable doing little one’s laundry during naptime. Mom and grandma prepare all of little one’s meals. It is imperative that nanny is completely comfortable being around the whole family–this is a multi-generational household and mom, dad, and grandma will be home throughout the day. Mom and dad are very involved and seek a nanny who is content to collaborate and strategize with them. No driving is required on the job, as mom or dad will drive and join for most outings. Nanny should be experienced enough to take the lead without a need for a lot of guidance, but should also be comfortable following instructions and being a team player. Mom and dad are personable and open to feedback. They strongly value a high level of communication and transparency. Nanny should also have a track record of being dependable and very punctual. 

This family has two cats and a dog, so candidates must be comfortable with pets. Nanny will not have any pet care duties, and for the most part, the pets will be gated away from the main living areas. Little one absolutely loves the dog, but he can be rough when playing with the pets, so nanny should be comfortable supervising those interactions and gently correcting rough play or redirecting. 

The Los Altos home is on one level with a spacious family room with high ceilings. The family room is fully equipped for play with toys, art supplies, a child-sized table and chairs, and bean bag chair. Off of the contemporary kitchen is a small yard with a lawn and a covered patio. Both parents have a home office, and little one has his own bedroom. This family will return to their second home in another state in the spring, with the expectation that this position will end in April. 

This family requires that nanny is up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19. Following CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots is also required.

Open Job #650

Location: Berkeley, CA
Pay: $35-40 per hour, DOE
Start Date: September 18, 2023
Schedule: Part-time evenings & weekends
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours

Part-Time Nanny for Intellectual Family of 4

Base Schedule

  • 4 PM-8 PM Monday-Friday
  • 12 PM-6 PM Saturdays & Sundays preferred, as often as possible
  • 20-32 hours per week

This polite, educated family is seeking a part-time nanny for their two daughters, a 19-month old and an adopted 1-year old. Both parents will be present for nearly all of the time in which nanny is working. A full-time nanny already provides daytime care so the evening and weekend support will be a joint effort between part-time nanny, mom, and dad. Mom and dad may utilize some of the time that nanny is present to spend one-on-one time with each daughter. Nanny will also be responsible for helping out with the bedtime routine, including baths, during the week–little sister goes to bed at 7:30 PM each night and big sister goes to bed at 8 PM each night. 

At age 2, big sister will begin preschool and be enrolled in some afterschool and weekend activities. Nanny may be expected to do some drop-offs and/or pick-ups and participate in the activities when the time comes. The children also go to the park at 4 PM daily, a 3-minute drive from the home. A vehicle will be provided for use on the job. Mom and/or dad will join for park visits 3-4 times per week, so nanny should be comfortable interacting and engaging with the whole family.

Candidates with a background or genuine interest in early childhood education and child development are certain to stand out to this cultured family. It is of utmost importance to these parents that their children are provided with the best foundation for cognitive, speech and language, and motor skill growth and development. A friendly, enthusiastic personality and a mindful, interactive caregiving style will align best with this family’s own childcare philosophies. This family also truly values exposing their children to different cultures, and especially languages. Both parents speak English, but mom also speaks Mandarin and Spanish, and uses Mandarin when talking to the babies. They want to raise their children to be multilingual, and though a second language is not a requirement, a Spanish-bilingual nanny would be a bonus!

This is primarily a child-focused position with child-related household duties, including tidying up after the children and washing their laundry. Nanny should also be comfortable washing household linens (sheets, towels) and helping with light after-dinner tidying as needed. This family is willing to work with candidates to find a schedule that works well for both parties. Weekend coverage is strongly desired and the ideal candidate is open to at least one weekend day a week. However, the family is willing to consider candidates who are only available for weekday evenings and occasional weekends.

Dad is a business owner and primarily works from home in a separate office, but does also take meetings outside of the home periodically. Mom works part-time, from home. She is a big animal lover and advocate, and this family does have two gentle dogs–a 2-year old Goldendoodle and a 13-year old toy poodle. Nanny should be comfortable with dogs, but pet care is not required, and the dogs spend the majority of their day outdoors on the shaded patio, or indoors napping. 

Their spacious and modern, inviting home is located in South Berkeley, bordering the Oakland Hills. It’s full of enormous windows with amazing views of the hills and the Golden Gate Bridge and patio access from every level. The main floor is very open, with a big kitchen, living area with a beautiful piano and cello and a play area for the children, and a library that doubles as dad’s office. The upper level of the home is where all of the bedrooms are located, including the girls’ bedrooms. On the lower level of the home, there is another living area with a kitchenette and more play space for the babies, a laundry room, and guest bedroom. There are two grassy areas in the yard, which is full of fruit trees and raised garden beds, and there are multiple fenced patios. There is also a big, enclosed and paved driveway perfect for scooters and bicycles as the girls grow!

This family requires that nanny is up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19. Following CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots is also required.

Open Job #655

Location: Rockridge, Oakland, CA
Pay: $35-40 per hour, DOE
Start Date: ASAP
Schedule: Full-time
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours; healthcare reimbursement

Confident, Interactive Nanny for Happy 8-Month Old

Base Schedule

  • Monday-Friday
  • 9 AM-5 PM
  • 40 hours per week

After several years in Canada, this loving, conscientious family of four is returning to the Bay Area and is seeking a nanny to primarily care for 8-month old little brother. He is a highly engaged, cheerful, and active baby who loves books, music, swinging and sitting in the grass at the park, and playing with his big sister. He’s very observant and also thoroughly enjoys walks in the stroller or carrier so he can scope out his surroundings–he gets very excited when he spots trucks! He’s overall quite happy and easy-going. He is very comfortable with new people and he’s a great eater and sleeper. He currently takes solids and is breastfed or takes breastmilk from a bottle, but formula will also be introduced soon. He naps three times per day in his own crib wearing a sleep sack, with a sound machine on. He will likely drop to two naps soon.

Big sister is 3 years old and attends full-day Montessori preschool. She only requires occasional nanny care, for example, on days in which the preschool is closed. Mom and dad handle preschool drop-offs and pick-ups. She’s incredibly outgoing and truly enjoys being the center of attention! She loves dancing and music. Mom describes her as sweet, brilliant, and energetic, with the occasional tendency to push boundaries, like most 3-year olds. She thrives in a Montessori environment where her independence is fostered and positive discipline techniques like redirection and talking it out are utilized. 

Of utmost importance to this family is finding a nanny who is truly interactive and enthusiastic about engaging with the children. The ideal candidate is happy to get down on the floor with baby, is familiar with or adept at finding the various kid-friendly attractions and destinations around the area, is creative in coming up with age-appropriate activities that support baby’s growth and development, and is sociable and willing to interact with other nannies or parents in the community to allow baby the opportunity to meet children his age. This family really values creative pursuits and literacy and expects the children to have ample opportunities to develop early language, reading, and fine motor skills, without the use of screens. Also paramount is a candidate who continues to follow CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 and other communicable illnesses. Attention to health and safety, as well as reliability and punctuality, are key traits candidates should possess. 

Mom is personable and upbeat, while dad is a bit more introverted. Dad is an tech researcher working from home 2-3 days per week and outside of the home 2-3 days per week. His home office is in a converted, detached garage, and he has a very focused work style, so he is unlikely to be in and out of the house when he works from home. Mom is an archivist and, due to the move, will not be working at the start of the position. She plans to return to work eventually, likely working from home some days as well as outside of the home, but will take her time to find a position that is the right fit for her. Candidates should be comfortable with mom being present, but, while she will be home throughout the day and may pop in and out to interact with baby and nanny, this family is looking for an experienced nanny who is completely confident and comfortable taking charge. 

This position is child-focused and only household duties pertaining to the children are required. Nanny will be expected to do both children’s laundry. Nanny should also be comfortable using their own vehicle on the job, with mileage reimbursement, though the family lives in a highly walkable area so minimal driving is required. Driveway parking will be available, and a BART station is nearby if nanny prefers to use public transportation from time to time. This family has no pets.

The Rockridge home is located within walking distance of Broadway and Piedmont Avenue shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is on two levels and opens up to an entryway leading directly to the stairs. Off one side of the entryway is a sitting/living room that opens up to the front deck. Off the other side is a small built-in desk and storage nook leading to the modern, spacious eat-in kitchen with patio doors to the backyard. Off of the kitchen is a family room with built-in bookshelves. Three bedrooms and a laundry room are located on the upper level of the home. In the backyard, there is a deck, a brick area for seating, and a small lawn. Dad’s office is located in the converted, detached garage.

This family requires that nanny is up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19. Following CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots is also required.

(Placement Pending) Open Job #635

Location: San Ramon, CA
Pay: $35-40 per hour, DOE
Start Date: August 28, 2023
Schedule: Flexible full- or part-time schedule
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours; healthcare reimbursement

Friendly & Proactive Family Assistant for Two Children

Base Schedule

  • Monday-Friday
  • 11 AM-5:30 or 6 PM preferred
  • Flexible start time: 10 AM-11 AM, candidate’s choice
  • Flexible end time: 5:30 PM-6:30 PM, candidate’s choice
  • 30-40 paid hours per week
  • Please note that family assistants who spend more than 20% of their work hours on household (non-childcare) duties are legally required to take a 30-minute unpaid meal/rest period, which is built into the schedule.

This sweet and close-knit family is seeking a family assistant for care of an energetic 5-year old boy and an outgoing 3 ½-year old girl. A new baby is due in October, but mom will take the lead on baby care, so experience with newborns and infants is not required. Big brother is chatty, active, silly, and curious. He loves to explore and be outdoors often and he also enjoys creative activities like art. Little sister is friendly, easy-going, and independent, but enjoys following big brother’s lead. She loves Frog & Toad books, playing outside, and coloring. Big brother will be starting first grade in the fall and little sister goes to morning daycare. The ideal candidate is patient, loving, and logical, and has experience with preschool and early elementary-aged children. Big brother can sometimes need extra support processing his big feelings. He responds best when boundaries and expectations are firm and clear, and are also explained to him so he understands the reasons behind them. 

On a typical day, family assistant will arrive to tackle some household duties 1-2 hours prior to little sister’s daycare pickup at noon. After picking little sister up and giving her lunch, an unpaid, 30-minute meal/rest period can be taken on- or offsite. After the break, family assistant can play with little sister or finish any outstanding household duties before picking up big brother at 1:40 PM. Once both children are home from school, it’s time for learning activities and play. It is important to this family that the children have 30-45 minutes of educational enrichment each afternoon, and there is a shelf full of books and supplies to support this time. Following learning activities is naptime. Little sister still naps daily for up to two hours and big brother naps for around an hour most days. Some weekdays, family assistant will take the children for extracurricular activities after naptime. A vehicle is provided for use on the job. Big brother currently participates in basketball and art classes and little sister takes dance classes. They may both eventually have martial arts, and they also both take swimming lessons. On days in which there are no extracurricular activities, family assistant will take the children to a local playground so they can get some energy out in the late afternoon/early evening before dinner.

Household duties include preparing meals for the children, ingredient preparation (chopping vegetables, marinating, etc.) for the family, folding and putting away laundry, light housekeeping, and generally pitching in wherever there is a need to keep the home running smoothly. While not required, this family would appreciate a candidate who is also willing to prepare very simple family dinners occasionally. Family assistant should be comfortable with and experienced enough to proactively identify needs and manage household chores. 

This family eats together every evening around 6-6:30 PM and prioritizes having plenty of family time after dinner, so the ideal schedule is 11 AM-5:30 or 6 PM. However, mom is a stay-at-home parent and is very flexible with the schedule. Family assistant can choose any start time between 10 and 11 AM and end time between 5:30 and 6:30 PM. Mom will also be available to team up with family assistant for afternoon childcare duties if needed. Dad is an executive in the tech industry and works outside of the home four days per week. He works from home on Fridays. He travels, on average, once per month for 2-3 days at a time, but sometimes, up to 5 days at a time. Both parents are warm, kind, humble, and eager to be outstanding employers.

The home is bright, cozy, and contemporary. On the lower level is the kitchen right off of a dining area that opens up to a spacious living room, where the children like to play. The dining area doubles as the children’s learning space and also contains a play kitchen for imaginative play. There is a sliding door from the dining area to the yard, where there’s an outdoor kitchen and a small open area with a playhouse. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms–the main bedroom, the children’s shared bedroom, and a third room that serves as a guest room, playroom, and dad’s office when he’s working from home. Big brother’s school is within walking distance of the home and the school playground is open to the public after school hours. The neighborhood is also in close proximity to the Iron Horse Trail for walking and biking.

This family requires that family assistant is up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19. Following CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots is also required.

Now Recruiting for Career Nannies & Family Assistants!

Locations: East Bay, North Bay, San Francisco, and more!
Pay: $32-45 per hour, DOE
Start Date: ASAP
Schedule: Full-time & part-time
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours; healthcare reimbursement, etc.

Dedicated Nannies & Family Assistants for Bay Area Families!

Base Schedule:

  • 32-45 hours per week

Additional Hours:

  • Overtime according to state law

Nannies Plus is a nanny-owned and operated Bay Area placement agency dedicated to creating thriving family teams. We work hard to get to know the best nannies and family assistants in the area so that we can add these experienced professionals to our pool of candidates and consider them for positions with clients we would have wanted to work with when we were nannies and family assistants! We place long-term positions and assist only families seeking a minimum of one year of childcare and who are able to offer market-rate, legal W-2 pay with overtime according to state law, guaranteed hours, paid vacation and holidays, and paid sick time off.

If you are seeking a nanny or family assistant position, or plan to begin job hunting soon, we would love to hear from you! To register with Nannies Plus and be considered for our amazing jobs, candidates must:

  • Be eligible for employment in the United States
  • Be willing and able to accept a payroll position with income taxes deducted
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of relevant paid, professional experience after the age of 18
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and clean driving record
  • Be willing to undergo criminal background checks
  • Be able to provide stellar professional references
  • Have intermediate to advanced English communication ability
  • Have access to email and a device which supports Zoom video meetings

For more information, please visit our Candidate FAQ page, submit an intake form, email us, or leave a voicemail on our Candidate Hotline at 510.496.9785.

We are eager to connect with you!

CLOSED Job #660

Location: Moraga, CA
Pay: $35-40 per hour, DOE
Start Date: September 2023
Schedule: Full-time
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours; healthcare reimbursement

NEW SCHEDULE! Energetic, Tech Savvy Family Assistant for School-Aged Twins

Base Schedule

  • Monday-Friday
  • Candidate’s choice of Option A or Option B hours
  • Please note that family assistants who spend more than 20% of their work hours on household (non-childcare) duties are legally required to take a 30-minute unpaid meal/rest period, which is built into the schedule. 

Hours – Option A

  • 10 AM-6 PM
  • 37.5 hours per week

Hours – Option B

  • 9:30 AM-6 PM
  • 40 hours per week

Additional Hours

  • Flexibility to stay until 6:30 or 7 PM occasionally (with notice), required

This busy family of four is seeking an experienced, proactive, and detail-oriented family assistant for household support (including pet care) and childcare for 7-year old twin girls. The girls are very close. They share similar interests, have similar personalities and temperaments, and do most things together. Mom describes them as creative, inquisitive, independent, and silly. They have enjoyed and gotten along best with energetic and interactive babysitters and nannies, so candidates should really delight in spending time with children of this age group. The ideal family assistant has a youthful spirit and is enthusiastic about playing with the girls, whether that means joining them for Barbies, engaging them in new arts and crafts, or kicking the soccer ball with them in the yard.

The girls are entering second grade in the fall. They get out of school at 2 PM but spend an hour a day in aftercare to socialize and play. Most days, after family assistant picks them up at 3 PM, they have additional afterschool activities like art class, dance class, soccer, and at-home piano lessons once weekly. 

Once the girls arrive home and extracurriculars are complete, they do their homework and have “free choice” time. They have tutoring year-round so family assistant isn’t expected to provide a lot of homework help but should be comfortable supervising homework time to ensure that work is completed satisfactorily. They should also spend some time practicing piano. During free time, both girls absolutely love art and would be content to sit at their art desks all afternoon, but this family is looking for a family assistant who will encourage them to be active and explore new activities and interests. The children are allowed very limited screen time and only with express permission from mom and dad. It is expected that family assistant honor this by also limiting personal use of their phone to breaks. 

Family assistant will arrive before the girls are out of school to tackle household duties and take their unpaid 30-minute meal/rest break. 

This family is already neat and organized and has a house cleaner who comes twice weekly for deep cleaning, but family assistant will be responsible for daily upkeep including making the twins’ beds, washing and folding whole family laundry, putting away the twins’ laundry and other belongings, taking garbage and recycling cans to the curb weekly, and bringing in mail and packages. Additional duties include grocery shopping several times a week, packing the girls’ school snacks, preparing or heating up their dinner, occasional simple meal/ingredient prep for mom and dad’s meals, running errands (eg. dry cleaning, returns, car washes, etc.), managing the girls’ activity calendars, basic bill pay/renewal for activities and classes, and researching and getting quotes for various services (eg. having scratches repaired on a vehicle). 

Family assistant must be completely comfortable with dogs. Daily care for the family’s sweet and active 10-year old beagle is required. She needs at least one walk per day, to be taken before the twins are home from school, and ideally, an additional walk in the evening, time permitting. Family assistant will also be expected to let her in and out for potty breaks, feed her every evening, and occasionally, take her to vet appointments.

Mom and dad are both lawyers. Dad works from home two days per week and from his San Francisco office three days per week. Mom works from home full-time currently, but will eventually work from her Oakland office twice per week. While mom has a somewhat flexible schedule, both parents have demanding jobs and long hours, and it’s incredibly important for family assistant to have an organized, intuitive, and self-motivated work style, not requiring a lot of guidance or supervision to complete tasks and stay on top of the daily schedule. Strong verbal and written English communication skills are also required for this position.  

The home is located in within walking distance of Rancho Laguna Park and a 5-minute drive from the twins’ school. Most of their extracurriculars take place in Lafayette and Walnut Creek. A vehicle can be provided for use on the job, or, if family assistant prefers, they may use their own vehicle with mileage reimbursement. 

The house is spacious and bright, located in a hilly area with lovely views from every window. At the front of the home is a foyer with a staircase leading upstairs. Off of one side of the foyer is a formal dining room which has been converted into an art and play area for the twins. Off of the other side of the foyer is a living room/sitting room and passing through the foyer leads to the back of the house where the traditional, eat-in kitchen and a very spacious family room with a comfy sectional is located. The family room has french doors leading to a lovely patio with vine-wrapped trellis for shade and a small lawn. Off of the kitchen, there’s a hallway that wraps back around to the dining room and also leads to a library where the twins practice piano, as well as a second, smaller staircase. Right at the landing of these back stairs is the upstairs playroom and the guest bedroom. Down the walkway is the twins’ shared bedroom, right next door to the laundry room and across the hall from mom’s home office. A catwalk leads to the other side of the upper level, where the primary bedroom and dad’s home office are located.

This family requires that nanny is up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19. Following CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots is also required.

CLOSED Job #645

Location: Castro Valley, CA
Pay: $33-40 per hour, DOE
Start Date: September 2023
Schedule: Full-time
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours; healthcare reimbursement

Supportive Nanny for Delightful Family with 3-Month Old

Base Schedule

  • Monday-Friday
  • 8:30 AM-4:30 PM
  • 40 hours per week

These sweet and mellow first-time parents are looking for an experienced infant nanny for their baby girl who will be just over 3 months old at the start of the position. She is quite the easy-going baby! There is a bassinet set up in the living room for her naps, and she sleeps well and often, even through household noises. She eats every two hours. She is both breast- and bottle-fed and content to take a cool or room-temperature bottle of breastmilk or formula. During awake windows, she rotates between tummy/floor time, relaxing in her bouncer, and getting some fresh air in the backyard. She also enjoys being shown sensory cards. By the time nanny starts, baby will be vaccinated and this family would love for her to spend more time away from home, visiting local parks and other age-appropriate destinations.

The ideal candidate is warm and kind. This family is looking for someone with a gentle, respectful approach to child care and to communication. They would love to work with a nanny who can provide insight and feedback in a supportive and constructive way. They want a true member of the family team, someone they can depend on, trust, and collaborate with. This family is also naturally very organized, so a candidate with similar sensibilities is important to them. There are no household duties required except for those directly relating to childcare, like keeping baby’s belongings and supplies orderly and doing baby’s laundry.

Mom is in accounting and dad is an engineer. Both parents work from home full-time. Mom has a flexible job and only has meetings between 9 and 11 AM. Outside of those hours, she will pop in and out to spend time with baby, and nanny is welcome to bring baby into her office for playtime. Mom is a Bay Area native and has family nearby. Dad is from Switzerland and his family visits from overseas periodically. His mother and sister will be visiting and present for the first few weeks of the position, so the ideal candidate is comfortable with work-from-home parents and with being around baby’s extended family periodically. This family has no pets. 

The Castro Valley home is on three levels with the main entrance on the second level, opening up to the living room. In the living room is a changing table, bassinet for naps, and all of the necessary baby gear and supplies. The living room leads to the bright kitchen and dining room with sliding doors to the backyard where there is a deck and a small open area for play. On the lower level of the home is mom’s office, which will double as a playroom in the future. The main bedroom, nursery, and dad’s office are on the upper level. There is a small community park less than a mile away and Lake Chabot Park is within a 30-minute walk or short drive of the home. 

This family requires that nanny is up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19. Following CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots is also required.

CLOSED Job #640

Location: San Francisco, CA
Pay: $47 per hour
Start Date: August 2023
Schedule: Full-time
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours; PPO healthcare contribution

Professional Career Nanny for Private Family, Two Children

Base Schedule through December 2023

  • Monday-Friday
  • 11 AM-6 PM
  • 40 guaranteed hours per week

Base Schedule after December 2023

  • Monday-Friday
  • 8:30 AM-6 PM
  • 47.5 hours per week

Additional Hours

  • Flexibility for up to 50 hours per week, as needed, required
  • Travel within the US and Mexico, 1-2 weeks per year, required
  • Additional domestic travel, 2-3 weeks per year, preferred but not required

This San Francisco family of four is seeking a seasoned, professional career nanny for a minimum of a 2-year commitment. The ideal candidate is discerning, sharp, and a clear communicator, while also being kind, nurturing, and knowledgeable about child development. At the start of the position, nanny will be responsible for one toddler girl who will turn two in September. She is smart, independent, and sociable. She is already potty trained and very verbal. She will start morning preschool in the fall, and nanny will be expected to pick her up from school, a 5-minute drive or 15-minute walk from the home. She is also in multiple afternoon activities such as sports, art, and music. A vehicle will be provided for use on the job. A baby boy is due in July and a live-in baby nurse will be responsible for his care through December. After December, nanny will be responsible for both children. Candidates should have, preferably, a minimum of ten years of nanny experience with infants and toddlers.

Big sister loves dress-up, animals, learning, and books, especially Llama Llama, Duck & Rabbit, and anything about construction. She also enjoys naptime and still typically naps two to two and a half hours a day. She speaks English and French fluently so, while being bilingual is not a requirement, candidates who are bilingual in English and French are encouraged to apply. Because she has advanced language skills for her age, big sister is expressive and sometimes insistent about her wants and needs. She will also be in the midst of a significant transitional period at the start of the position, as she adjusts to becoming a big sister, starting preschool, and being cared for by a new nanny. Candidates should be patient and empathetic and use respectful discipline techniques like redirection, positive reinforcement, and consistent but gentle boundaries. 

This family is looking for a nanny who is organized, punctual, dependable, mature, and even-tempered. Regular check-ins with mom and dad, in person and via text, are expected and nanny should be open to discussing concerns clearly and directly and be receptive to feedback. A willingness to think outside of the box, bring new ideas and solutions to the table, and collaborate with mom and dad is imperative. They are also looking for someone who is adaptable, proactive, and willing to pitch in wherever a need arises. Only child-related household duties are required, but nanny should be comfortable with tidying children’s rooms and play spaces, washing children’s laundry, preparing children’s meals (including bottles and baby food), sorting and organizing children’s belongings, and keeping lists–for example, inventory of children’s items and packing lists for trips. A full-time housekeeper does the daily cleaning.

Mom and dad are very busy professionals but whenever downtime is available, they use it to be present and engaged with their children. Nanny should be capable of taking the lead while mom and dad are working and should have a track record of excellent judgment both as it pertains to childcare duties and to the privacy of the family. Furthermore, it is very important to this family that nanny is comfortable stepping back while they spend time with the children. On some days, this will look like nanny finding child-related duties to tackle during these moments and on other days, nanny may be permitted to end the day early while still receiving pay for guaranteed hours. They also typically travel within the United States and Mexico twice per year, one week per trip, and nanny will be expected to travel with them. The ideal candidate would be willing to join them at their second home out of state for an additional two to three one-week trips annually.

This family leads an active lifestyle and is seeking a candidate who is energetic and will regularly get the children out of the house for walks, playtime, and movement activities. It is also important that candidates are capable of and confident navigating a lot of stairs and walking up and down steep inclines with the children in tow. They are living in a temporary home just a few blocks from their permanent home while some construction is completed. Both homes are incredibly spacious, on multiple levels (with the main entrances being upstairs, above street level), and located in a hilly neighborhood. The temporary home is fully baby-proofed and each child has their own bedroom. There’s also a wonderful playroom with a climbing wall, playhouse and play kitchen, and arts and crafts area. There is a medium-sized yard with a shaded picnic table, turf lawn, play structure, and sandpit. A parking permit will be provided so that nanny can park on the street during work hours.

This family has two medium-sized dogs, an elderly Shiba Inu and a young samoyed. No pet care is required but candidates should be comfortable with dogs.

This family requires that nanny is up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19. Following CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots is also required.

CLOSED Job #625

Location: Pleasanton, CA
Pay: $33-37 per hour, DOE
Start Date: July 2023
Schedule: Full-time
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours; healthcare reimbursement

Routine-Oriented Career Nanny for Baby Boy

Base Schedule

  • Monday-Friday
  • 9 AM-5 PM
  • 40 hours per week

Additional Hours

  • Twice-monthly date nights desired but not required

These easy-going but structured first-time parents are looking for an experienced career nanny for their baby boy, who will be around 3 months old at the start of the position. He is already on a consistent daily schedule with 1 ½ to 2-hour wake windows currently, although these may become longer by the time nanny starts. He is formula-fed and takes a bottle easily, right when he wakes up from each nap. Then he has about 30 minutes to an hour of activity–typically tummy or floor time or a walk around the neighborhood–followed by his next nap. He goes to sleep in his own crib swaddled, with blackout curtains closed and white noise on. If he needs a wind-down period, quiet rocking typically does the trick. 

Keeping baby on a good eating and sleeping schedule is imperative, so this family is looking for a nanny who is highly routine-oriented and comfortable with a regimented day. It is also important to this family that nanny log baby’s daily activities (feeds, diapers, naps, etc.). They currently use an app for this, but are open to doing this via text or journal if nanny prefers. This is a child-focused position. During baby’s naps, nanny should be willing to pitch in with baby-related chores like baby laundry and washing and sanitizing bottles. Solids are several months away, but nanny should also be comfortable supporting this transition and helping to make baby food when the time comes. 

The ideal candidate is knowledgeable about infant care and development, has previous nanny experience, and is highly communicative and detail-oriented. Above all, they are looking for someone who really connects with baby and provides him with loving, nurturing care. They would also love a nanny who is open to providing care for two date nights per month, but this is a strong preference, not a requirement. Mom and dad are friendly and laid-back, while also being very schedule-oriented. Mom is a project manager and dad is an engineering manager. Both parents work from home one day per week, generally on separate days. They have designated home offices. 

This family also has two small dogs, a very friendly French bulldog and a toy Australian shepherd who is a pandemic puppy and, therefore, a bit slower to warm. Candidates must be comfortable with dogs and willing to let the dogs in and out of the house throughout the day. If nanny is a dog lover, they are welcome to take the dogs on walks with them, but this is not required. 

The Ruby Hill home is in a neighborhood with plenty of walking paths and nearby parks, so driving will not be an immediate requirement. As baby grows and bigger outings become age-appropriate, nanny should be comfortable using their own vehicle on the job with mileage reimbursement. There is a library within a short drive of the home and eventually, the family may sign baby up for a music class in San Ramon. The house is bright, spacious, and on two levels. On the upper floor is the main bedroom, dad’s office, the nursery, a guest room that doubles as baby’s “playroom,” and the laundry room. Most of baby’s belongings are upstairs and this is where he currently spends most of his time. On the main level, the home enters into a living/dining room, where a passthrough with the pantry on one side and a counter where bottle supplies are stored on the opposite side, leads to the kitchen and great room. Off of the great room is mom’s office and just outside of the great room is the backyard where there is a paved patio with a trellis on one side and a large lawn.

This family requires that nanny is up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19. Following CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots is also required.

CLOSED Job #615

Location: Albany, CA
Pay: $34-38 per hour, DOE (base rate*)
Start Date: July 2023
Schedule: Full-time
Benefits: Paid vacation + holidays; sick pay; guaranteed hours; healthcare reimbursement

Safety-Oriented, Spanish-Speaking Nanny for Baby Boy

Base Schedule

  • Monday-Friday
  • 8 AM-4 PM
  • Flexibility for occasional 7 AM-3 PM, as needed, required
  • 40 hours per week

Additional Hours

  • Very rare date nights and overnights desired but not required

*$34-38 per hour is the rate range for care of baby. When big brother is present and requires nanny care, the rate will increase by $10 per hour.
**The ideal start date is July 5th, 2023, but for the right candidate, this family would be open to any start date between June 12th and August 5th, 2023.

This warm, kind, and COVID-cautious family of 4 is seeking a collaborative, adaptable, and loving nanny primarily for their baby boy, who will be between 3 and 5 months old at the start of the position. Like all newborns, he loves to be held and worn in a baby carrier, but he is content to be put down as long as his needs are met. He is exclusively breastfed and currently eats and sleeps on demand. Nanny should be comfortable coordinating with mom and bringing baby to her throughout the day to nurse. She will pump so that he can have bottles on days she is especially busy or working outside of the home. This family is looking for a nanny with a “go with the flow” approach. Eventually, they will work on establishing a more consistent feeding and sleeping routine, but they do not subscribe to any rigid caregiving philosophies and will use a very gentle approach to sleep training when the time comes. Being outdoors is very important to this family, so spending time in the backyard, going for plenty of walks, and as baby gets older, visiting local parks and playgrounds is encouraged!

Big brother just turned 4 and requires minimal nanny care, no more than one day per week. He is sociable, talkative, and silly. He loves anything involving maps and he has a huge attention span for Legos! (He has specifically requested a nanny who is willing to help him get the small Legos that he has dropped out from under his bed.) He absolutely loves his baby brother and is very gentle with him. Mom describes him as a “helper” and says that often, redirecting him into tasks that appeal to his helpful nature is the best way to calm him down if he is overwhelmed or feeling big emotions. He attends an outdoor school Monday through Thursday and is dropped off around 9:30 AM and picked up between 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM by mom or dad. After school, dad gives him a snack, goes through a wind-down routine with him, and then he has around an hour of “quiet time” in his room, so he will typically be resting right up until the end of nanny’s work day. He does not have school on Fridays, so when he is home and requires nanny care, nanny will make an additional $10 per hour for caring for both kids. There will also be some Fridays in which mom or dad will have big brother for either the whole day or part of the day. His outdoor school does not have regular extended school closures. Beginning in fall 2023, it is likely that he will begin full-day, full-week preschool, and during closures at that school, he will be able to attend camps at the outdoor school.

This family is very conscientious about COVID risks and is looking for a nanny with a similar lifestyle. Masking will be required on the job until baby is old enough to be vaccinated, and nanny should be willing to take weekly COVID tests, provided by the family. Big brother wears a mask at school and mom and dad will mask in the common areas of the home, as well. Nanny must also be up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19, and should follow CDC recommendations regarding vaccine booster shots. Driving is not required on the job, but this family prefers candidates who use their own vehicle to get to and from work or are within walking or biking distance. 

Mom and dad are friendly and easy to talk to. Mom is in lactation medicine and has a hybrid role, working from home a few days per week and in the office a few days per week. Dad is in software engineering and works from home full-time. They are experienced nanny employers and are very considerate about avoiding disruptions to nanny and baby’s routine. This family has no pets. Mom speaks Spanish fluently and this family is looking for candidates who are also fluent in Spanish. Minimal English communication will be required on the job.

This position is primarily child-focused. Nanny should be comfortable doing kid laundry, tidying up the children’s rooms and play areas, and washing bottles and pump parts during baby’s naps. Some additional household duties may be required on an as-needed basis, but mom or dad will take over childcare if these duties arise so that nanny does not need to worry about taking attention away from the baby. These duties may include pitching in with light tidying of the kitchen and common areas and ingredient preparation like defrosting and marinating meat or chopping vegetables. The ideal candidate has a “team player”/”all hands on deck” attitude and is willing to pitch in wherever a need is identified, time permitting.

The cozy Albany home is in a very walkable area, near Solano Avenue shops and restaurants and within blocks of multiple parks and a library. There are steps up to the front door, with an entryway that leads to the living room. Off the living room is the dining room, then the kitchen, which opens up to a play area with a book shelf, play kitchen, art easel, and shelf full of toy bins. The back door leads to a small patio with steps down to a second, ground-level patio and a well-shaded lawn. Back inside the home, off of the kitchen is a hallway leading to dad’s office and the downstairs bedroom where baby’s Pack n’ Play for naps and a rocking chair will be located. This hallway is also where the stairs to the upper level of the home are, and up the stairs is the main bedroom, the laundry room, and big brother’s bedroom.

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