Tips on how to Model inclusivity. Written for Nannies plus by Brooke Stickland

If Our differences and our unique gifts and talents are to be celebrated. After all, diversity is what makes our world beautiful. Teaching kids to accept our differences is an important part of helping them grow up to be loving, generous, and empathetic adults. In addition, if they know that differences aren’t a bad thing, it helps them feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether you’re a parent or you’re a nanny or family assistant in charge of the care of children, here are some tips on how to teach inclusivity. 

#1: Keep an open dialogue going.

Having regular conversations about inclusivity is one of the best things you can do for your child. Not only will they be able to hear your perspective and advice, but they will also be able to ask questions. Kids are inherently curious and open-minded, and while you might not have the answers or words for every question, knowing that they have an open door to ask questions is key.  

#2: Sparking Creativity

If your children see you loving and respecting others that are different than you,  they will want to model that. Use respectful language when you talk about people from other backgrounds, talk about how wonderful it is to have differences, and avoid reinforcing stereotypes. If you treat people with kindness, then your child will likely want to, as well.

#3: Introduce them to new experiences and different people.

Raising a child that is open to diversity means exposing them to a variety of different people and experiences. Attend cultural events in your neighborhood or city, travel to different places, visit museums, read books from authors of different points of view, and introduce them to people that come from different countries or cultures.

#3: Celebrate differences but emphasize similarities.

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