Written for Nannies plus by Jasmine Alexander

If you are overwhelmed by the untidy, tangled path your little ones leave in their wake, find peace of mind in what a mess may really mean.

Children are in a constant state of wonder. They thrive on exploration and delight in learning through play. It’s important to remember that things can and will get messy! This is not only okay, but it should be expected. In most cases, making a mess is developmentally and age appropriate. What could a messy room or play area mean?

#1: Motor Skill Development 

Children not only need to live in the world around them, they need to experience it. It is important to give them the freedom to be able to use their different senses to strengthen and fine tune their motor skills, giving them what they need to develop and grow.   

#2: Sparking Creativity

A structured, mess-free activity has its perks, but an open-ended project allows for the child’s mind to wander, and for true creativity to emerge! This gives your little one the opportunity to make critical decisions and dive in without the worry of the mess along the way. 

#3: FUN!

Contending with a mess can feel overwhelming, but that rumpled aftermath is often the result of an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop. Parents, nannies, and teachers alike, whether a child learned how to do something incredible, or simply built upon their skills independently, a mess should always bring one very important thought to your mind. “A child had fun here!”

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