Written by Brooke Strickland for Nannies Plus

If you are considering hiring a nanny or family assistant, it’s good to start thinking about what qualities and characteristics you want in a candidate.

Hiring someone to work in your home with your children is a very personal decision and there are many things that are important to consider – but those may differ from family to family. In general, however, there are a few key qualities to look for as you start the interview process.

#1: A genuine love and care for kids.

It might seem simple, but it is very important: a great nanny or family assistant should sincerely love being with children. You’ll notice this in how positively (or negatively) they talk about their experience with them, or how their eyes light up when they share stories about the little ones they have worked with in the past. Experience is important, but a genuine passion in caring for kids is what will make all the difference in being a caregiver that your kids bond with.

#2: They show enthusiasm for their career.

As a parent, you know that it can be hard work at times and that your kids can test your patience. Nannies and family assistants know that some days may be long and exhausting. Despite that, they should exhibit passion and energy for working with kids and overall, that energy should guide them in how they interact with the children. A nanny or family assistant should be excited about their career and have a genuine interest in children. 

#3: They show that they’re trustworthy.

Leaving your children in the care of another person requires incredible trust. The nanny or family assistant candidates you meet should demonstrate their dependability and trustworthiness so you can feel confident letting them care for your children. This person will also spend time in your home and possibly your vehicle and they may be privy to sensitive information. Make sure the person you choose is someone that is committed to respecting you, your home, and the members of your family.

#4: They are creative and connective. 

Every child and every family is unique. That’s why when you’re talking to potential nanny or family assistant candidates, it’s important to ask questions that allow them to showcase their fun and creative side. How do they get to know the children they care for? What kind of ideas do they have to bond with them and do they come up with creative ideas that work with the children’s one-of-a-kind personalities? A nanny or family assistant that does the bare minimum is probably not someone your kids will love being with. Instead, find someone that has a creative spirit that is focused on connection with the children.

#5: They’re reliable.

You will depend on your nanny or family assistant to tackle a variety of duties during the day. Maybe you need to go to work offsite, you have meetings to attend, or you have other activities or errands that are important that can’t be missed. It’s imperative that the person you choose to hire has a track record of reliability. References are a great way to determine this.

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