Written by Brooke Strickland for Nannies Plus

If you’re a busy parent, you know how life just never stops.

Music lessons, running kids to sports or theater practice, doctor appointments, and juggling work and other day-to-day responsibilities can feel overwhelming! If you need help ‘doing it all,’ hiring a nanny or family assistant for your family team can be a great option. Finding a new balance and rhythm with your nanny or family assistant will make your whole family not just feel stronger, but be stronger. Here’s why.

Nannies and family assistants become important parts of your family.

While a nanny’s primary job is to take care of your children, they really become an integrated part of your whole family. Whether it’s keeping your childrens’ supplies organized or helping tackle that growing pile of kids’ laundry in the dryer while you’re at work, your nanny helps provide balance in your life. Family assistants even provide regular support for the household in addition to childcare. You can depend on your family assistant for tasks like errands and grocery shopping, family meal preparation, and keeping calendars up-to-date. In time, these extra sets of hands help you become a stronger and more energized parent, which translates to a stronger, healthier family.

Nannies and family assistants provide the loving care your children need while you’re gone.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an in-home nanny or family assistant is the one-on-one attention your kids will get. A loving and attentive nanny or family assistant that facilitates developmentally appropriate activities while you’re away will help your children become loving and attentive young people and adults. This helps your family, your children, and the world become stronger.

Nannies introduce different views and life experiences.

Introducing your children to different perspectives and people that have different backgrounds is part of helping them grow into compassionate and empathetic humans. It also makes them more aware of others and open to what they have to say. This helps build stronger, more diverse families that are willing to love the people they meet in the world.  

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