Written By: Brooke Strickland for Nannies Plus

Summertime is in full swing!

While the kids are rejoicing about having a break from school, nannies, family assistants, and parents are all looking for ways to keep their kids active and engaged. Here are some tips on planning for a fun and educational summer for the children in your life.

#1: Don’t let routine go completely out the window.

Children thrive on routine, so, while the school routine is no longer in practice for the time being, keep a flexible routine going. For example, keep bedtime and meal times as consistent as possible but talk about your summer plans and let the kids have some input on what they want to do during the day. Keep a calendar easily accessible for your nanny or family assistant and the rest of the family to see, so everyone is on the same page about summer plans.

#2: Think outside of the box on activities.

While play dates with friends will help keep your kids socialized, it’s important to come up with some creative, “out of the box” ideas for the summer, too. Get some suggestions from your kids for this! Maybe it’s camping in the yard for a night, building an epic pillow fort, seeing a play at a local children’s theater, hosting a lemonade stand outside, or having a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood or a park. Creating a summer “bucket list” of to-dos that are both a combination of exciting and educational can be a fun way to keep your kids intrigued about what the summer holds.

#3: Set boundaries when it comes to screen time.

It’s easy for children to get sucked into the black hole of the iPad or television. Set screen time boundaries right at the beginning of the summer so your child isn’t tempted to plan their days around apps and TV shows. Discuss what your screen time limit is as a family team and reinforce this – it’s easier to establish the boundaries at the beginning rather than having to deal with bad habits after they have already started to form.

#4: Don’t be afraid of boredom.

Kids need downtime and some of that might result in complaints of boredom–but don’t feel the need to fill every moment of their day with activity and engagement. Let them see what comes from their boredom. This gives them the opportunity to use their imagination and come up with new and creative ways to keep themselves busy. Remember, summertime should be stimulating and joyful, but also a period of rest. Saying goodbye to the hurried school schedule is an important part of helping your child unwind, which can also give them the space they need to feel calm and content.

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