Written by Brooke Strickland for Nannies Plus

Connection is a word that we hear a lot when it comes to building rapport with employees or team members in the workplace.

Building connections in working relationships is one of the best ways to ensure that employees remain happy, dedicated, and goal-oriented in their work. Connecting with your nanny or family assistant in your home is just as important! Here are some creative ways to do that:

Invest in their professional development.

Give your nanny or family assistant the opportunity to attend conferences or complete credentials, classes, or other degrees that help them build a stronger portfolio and/or hone their skills and knowledge. For example, pay for annual first aid and CPR training, or if they are interested in completing a certification for a specific area of nannying such as early childhood development or newborn care, provide the money and time off to help them make that happen. This not only shows your nanny or family assistant that you value them and see them as a true professional but also benefits your family as the things your employee has learned will positively impact their work.

Give generously.

Not only should your nanny or family assistant’s wage and benefits be competitive and on par with other nanny or family assistant wages in your area, so should your giving be generous year-round. One way you can do this is by providing regular bonuses throughout the year. Another creative way to give is by doing an employee matching program. For example, if your employee gives regularly to a non-profit or charity in the area that means a lot to them, offer to match that gift each month. Or, provide paid time off for them to go volunteer there, or set up a time for you, your family, and your employee to all volunteer together. This builds a stronger connection between you and shows that you care not just about them, but the causes that they are close to their heart, too.

Take time to communicate.

Connection can’t happen without regular communication. Schedule times to meet, so you can provide feedback on your nanny or family assistant’s work, and so they can provide suggestions on how to make things run more smoothly. This doesn’t have to be formal – perhaps you can just take a walk around the neighborhood or a local park, or you can meet for coffee at a local shop. It’s okay to fit this time into their work day for more casual check-ins, but if you anticipate a longer or deeper conversation, set aside uninterrupted time, even if this means finding someone else to care for your children so that you can give your employee your undivided attention. No matter what, be an active listener and be humble. Doing so will help build stronger connections that are longer lasting.

Recognize milestones.

Whether it’s a birthday, a work anniversary, or a simple monthly meeting that recognizes your nanny or family assistant’s contribution to your family, celebrating milestones and a job well done is key to building a connection. The celebration could be in the form of a bonus payment or unexpected paid time off, or you could get your kids in on the action and have them help create something special to give. Each of these shows that you care and that your nanny or family assistant is valued and appreciated.

Be open.

Connection is also very difficult if you show that you are closed off or unapproachable. Share stories and interests with your nanny or family assistant and welcome your nanny or family assistant to do the same. Doing this can help create a commonality with each other, building trust and dedication and fueling meaningful bonds.

It’s important to try to establish a human connection with your employee. Doing this will create greater loyalty and motivate them to do their best work. Ready to hire your new professional nanny or family assistant in Sonoma County, San Francisco, East Bay, or Marin? Contact us today to start the search. We look forward to helping you find the perfect person to join your family team.