Written by Vicki Macchiavello for Nannies Plus

The work of caring for children and assisting in the management of a family’s home is exciting yet demanding.

Being a nanny or family assistant requires consistency, dedication, and an open heart, but those who commit their career to these roles have the opportunity to experience some truly unique and awesome joys of being on the job.

Here are just a few examples of the delightful perks of working as a nanny or family assistant.

First-Time Experiences
There is nothing quite like seeing the world through the eyes of little ones! For nannies and family assistants who work with babies and young toddlers, getting to witness their charges experience something for the first time, or maybe even experiencing something for the first time alongside their charges, brings a swell of satisfaction. Sitting on a blanket outside with a newly crawling baby as they scoot themselves to the edge and reach out to touch grass is a beautiful thing to witness. Their wonder is contagious and not something one would get from a desk job!

Nannies and family assistants often spend their time planning and accompanying children on adventures and outings. The Bay Area has so many lovely locations and activities. Outings to places such as the Oakland Zoo, a San Francisco Giants game, Tilden Park, or even the local library are fun and fulfilling for the children and the nanny or family assistant alike!

Nannies and family assistants that work with elementary school children, tweens, and teens can also have the joy of playing games. Board games, card games, or even sports games might be a regular part of the work a big kid nanny or family assistant would do. What could be better than an afternoon playing UNO with the kids you care for while sharing a bowl of popcorn?

What are your favorite joys of working as a nanny or a family assistant?