Written by Brooke Strickland for Nannies Plus

Have you recently begun researching childcare options for your kids?

Weighing your options is essential! Should you hire a nanny or family assistant to work in your home, or should you enroll your children in daycare? What should you consider when determining which option is best for your family?

While there are some social benefits of sending your child to a daycare center or to a licensed daycare run out of a private home, these group-based settings generally lack the ability to provide the extensive one-on-one interaction with a dedicated and loving childcare specialist that you’ll see if you hire a nanny or family assistant. That’s why many families decide to hire an experienced professional who can provide undivided attention to their children in their own homes.

Some nannies can help with school drop off and pick up, meal preparation, organizing projects related to the children, or help with homework. If you hire a nanny-family assistant, your employee may also help with errands, cooking, calendars, and whole family laundry, light tidying, and household organizing. But most of all, an in-home nanny or family assistant provides attentive care in the child’s familiar home environment.

While planning and researching, you will likely take notice of a difference in cost between daycare and a private nanny or family assistant.

Nannies and family assistants cost more than daycare because you, as their direct employer, are responsible for your nanny’s whole income. Even more importantly, the type of individualized care your child will get is simply unmatched. Usually, nannies and family assistants will offer sick care if the child is not severely ill, they will help keep the home running smoothly while you’re away, and will provide a higher level of communication about your child’s day.

This type of care comes at a premium and for many families, it is well worth the investment.

Choosing to hire a professional nanny or family assistant to work in your home doesn’t mean you have to give up the socialization part of the daycare experience, either. There are a variety of alternative methods available to ensure your kids have social experiences, thrive socio-emotionally, and make friends. Talk to your nanny or family assistant about how you can work together to find classes for the kids or local story time or playtime events in the community. You or your nanny or family assistant can make arrangements to set up playdates with neighbors or other families that you know, as well. Your nanny or family assistant is an advocate for your child’s growth and development, and they can become a precious part of your family over time.

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