Written by Brooke Strickland for Nannies Plus

Parents know the struggle of traveling with kids – especially small children.

Whether you fly first class or standard, or you are planning a road trip adventure this fall, a good nanny or family assistant can provide a helping hand along the way. If you have never had a nanny or family assistant travel with you before, here are some things to keep in mind. 

Talk to your nanny about scheduling.

While you’re on vacation, it can be nice to have flexibility for your childcare needs. Talk to your nanny or family assistant ahead of time to establish a plan for their schedule during travel. Will you require them to be ‘on the clock’ for their regular number of hours during vacation or will they have more (or less) time off? Will their schedule be the same as at home, or will you adjust it to fit your travel needs (eg. more evening hours or overnights)? Be sure that you honor your work agreement and all applicable laws when it comes to guaranteed hours, overtime pay, and break/rest periods.

Don’t forget about the accommodations.

Traveling with your nanny or family assistant means planning for their presence with you. Discuss what makes your them feel comfortable when it comes to accommodations. A separate hotel room or a detached apartment at your rental house is best, but at minimum, your nanny or family assistant should have their own bedroom and bathroom. Consider what works best and what makes everyone comfortable, then factor that into your plans accordingly.

Discuss wages.

If you have a nanny or family assistant that travels with you, regular pay including their guaranteed hours, in addition to travel expenses including transportation/airfare, separate lodging, meals, admission for sights and activities with the children, and a vehicle rental if required for the area, all apply. Make sure you factor in overtime and/or double-time wages, as nannies and family assistants are paid hourly for all hours on the clock, including while sleeping if you are not present and they are the responsible adult on duty. 

Family vacations are not just important for relaxation, but they also create treasured childhood memories for your kids. Most families find that traveling with their nanny or family assistant is easy and refreshing. Having their help can relieve stress and at the same time, allow for deeper bonding time for your family and for your nanny or family assistant and the children they are caring for.

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