Attention nannies, family assistants, and families: National Nanny Recognition Week begins on September 18th! 

Your nanny or family assistant is an invaluable member of your family team who works from the heart to ensure your family thrives. They show up for you and your kiddos day in and day out as a partner in raising your children, keeping your household running smoothly, and supporting your parenting goals. 

During (inter)National Nanny Recognition Week, we encourage parents and kids to find ways to make your nanny or family assistant feel special! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Here are some ways you can honor and show gratitude for the love and devotion your nanny or family assistant brings to their work:

  1. Surprise them with an extra paid day off.
  2. Provide them with a gift card to their favorite store or coffee shop.
  3. Collaborate with your children and present them with a handmade piece of art.
  4. Prepare a gift basket with some of their favorite snacks or self-care products.
  5. Present your nanny with a membership to the International Nanny Association.
  6. Present your nanny with a membership to the US Nanny Association.
  7. Pay for professional development supporting their interests (eg. a conference).
  8. Let them borrow your local vacation home for the weekend.
  9. Cover your nanny’s gym membership or an online fitness class of their choice.
  10. Treat them to a delicious dinner prepared by your family or from a restaurant.
  11. Hire a photographer to take portraits of your nanny or family assistant with your little ones and frame the photos or make a keepsake book.
  12. Set up a monthly healthcare reimbursement, stipend, or savings account.
  13. Have their car detailed (especially if your little ones are notorious in-car snackers)!
  14. Give them a raise or a bonus.
  15. Buy them a heartfelt gift from My Nanny Gift!

And above all, tell them why you’re thankful for them!

Families, take a moment to reflect on all of the ways your nanny or family assistant contributes to your family team. Showing them just how meaningful their contribution is to your family can mean the world to them! We can’t wait to see what you do to celebrate this year!

PS. Nannies and family assistants, keep an eye out on social media (or through your email if you’ve registered or submitted an intake form with Nannies Plus) for instructions on entering a special NNRW giveaway from us at Nannies Plus to you!