Written by Brooke Strickland for Nannies Plus

One thing is certain: the work environment today looks very different than it did just two years ago.

With more and more companies allowing employees to work at home, families of all kinds around San Francisco, Marin, and the East Bay have had to learn how to balance family life while working from home. Remote work has lots of benefits, but it can also be challenging at times. If you have a nanny or family assistant that helps with the kids during the day while you work, there will be a bit of a learning curve.

Here are some tips on how to best navigate the work-from-home situation.

Set boundaries.
Your work likely requires focus, concentration, and some peace and quiet. If possible, set up a room in your home as an office, so that you have a work space that is separate from your living areas. It is important to discuss your needs surrounding your workday with your nanny or family assistant. For example, do you need the background quiet for business meetings or calls? Are you okay with the kids coming in to talk to you at certain points during the day, or do you prefer the nanny or family assistant keep the children in a separate part of the home? Not every work-from-home job is the same, so it is important to talk specifics about guidelines.

Talk to your children ahead of time.
If you are at home during the day and your children are not allowed to interrupt, some kids might find that confusing or even upsetting. So, talk to them ahead of time to explain that you haven’t forgotten about them, but that they need to help you with good behavior so you can continue to work. You can also consider instituting a specific time of day that you are able to talk and interact with them. For example, let them know that for lunchtime, you’ll be able to see them and check in on their day. Your nanny or family assistant can help encourage your kids and reinforce that you are temporarily busy, but not disconnected from them. This can help minimize any sadness the kids feel being away from you during the day. If you have an infant, they may have a hard time if you are in and out throughout your workday. Depending on your baby’s temperament, it may be that being tucked away in a separate office space is best. Talk to your nanny or family assistant about your plan, too. They may have some great ideas to contribute! 

Come up with a system unique to your family.
Do you have calls to make or an important meeting to plan for? Create a system that shows your nanny or family assistant and your kids that you can’t be disturbed. Maybe it’s a simple ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign that shows the nanny or family assistant and the children that you can’t be interrupted. You could even have the nanny or family assistant and the kids work on drawing or designing a sign together that could be hung up on the outside of your door. This gives the kids a way to feel like they’re helping you.

Communication with your family and nanny while working at home is key to keeping things running smoothly.

With some flexibility and patience, you can establish a system that works for everyone. If you have recently started working from home and need a nanny or family assistant’s expertise to help your family team thrive, let Nannies Plus help you find the perfect match! Contact us today for details!