It may feel like nanny placement agencies require that candidates jump through a lot of hoops.

That can seem daunting! But did you know that agencies want to support you in landing the perfect nanny position, and we are here to help you (for free)?

Clients (families) pay agencies to find great nannies and family assistants, which means agencies don’t have a business without YOU! We know that the best candidates are seeking premium employment opportunities!

As a nanny or family assistant, when working with Nannies Plus, you will never be charged for our services. In exchange for the opportunity to get to know you so we can make the best matches, and to verify your experience, qualifications, and background through our vetting process, we provide our time, expert advice, industry knowledge, and resources to you, free of cost, so that you feel prepared, confident, and supported when you interview with families.

What kind of free help for nannies does Nannies Plus provide? 

1. Assistance in finding the perfect nanny family for you:

Our goal is to help create thriving family teams! At Nannies Plus, we take the time to get to know candidates as well as the families we work with so that we can find you a position with a family that you have a great connection with. We pay attention to the details in order to make your placement positive and longstanding.

2. Information and advice on market trends and rates, best practices, and industry laws: 

We keep up with the market trends and rates and provide families with the most up to date information. This way, they understand fair and livable wages and employer best practices, so they can provide a great job with a respectful working environment. We also inform nannies of best practices and industry standards such as legal pay with paid time off and guaranteed hours.

3. Interview tips and tricks: 

We want you to put your best foot forward and showcase your most professional self while on your job hunt and when interviewing with prospective families! We provide tips, support and advice to ensure that your interviews go smoothly.

Nannies, always remember, you should never be asked to pay nanny placement agencies for their services.

We’re available for you throughout your job hunt, placement, and employment with a family you are hired by through Nannies Plus. We are here to help and to be a resource-and at the same time, we need wonderful candidates in order for us to do our job!

The Bay Area is such a wonderful place to be a nanny or family assistant. What can Nannies Plus do for you?