California’s Bay Area has a wide variety of activities, natural parks, and communities to join in on as a nanny or family assistant. Nannies Plus founder, Joy, was a nanny in her hometown of San Francisco for many years, then relocated to Seattle, continuing to work as a professional nanny. After a long stint in the Northwest, she was thrilled to move back to the Bay, progressing in her nanny career for several more years before launching Nannies Plus! Like many career nannies having worked in various states and regions, Joy concluded that the Bay Area is simply the best place to be a nanny, and our team agrees! We love serving and supporting Bay Area nannies!

What makes the Bay Area the best place for nannies?

With museums galore in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Sausalito, and beyond, outings are always an option. We have not one, but two zoos to choose from! Nature reserves like Sulphur Creek in Hayward, Tilden Park’s Little Farm in Berkeley, and the Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek are just as inviting for a mellow outing, too!

Our access to natural wonders is alluring, too. In almost every Bay Area city, we are between 15 and 45 minutes from a beach or body of water. There are ample human made lakes with parks and walking trails to take your charges to, as well.  

The Bay Area is one of the most diverse places in the United States, second only to New York City. Families in the Bay Area are exposed to a multitude of different cultures and languages, which can make for a beautiful cultural exchange between nannies and families. Most families in the Bay Area are open and receptive to nannies teaching their children a second language, or introducing them to cultural traditions, holidays, and foods, as well.

Bay Area nannies know: there is never a dull moment here!

The sense of community and pride in the Bay Area is unlike any other part of the country. People are delighted to be a part of this vivacious, diverse, picturesque region. We all work together to beautify the area and cultivate a sense of unity to make the Bay Area a lovely place to live for all of us! In the Bay Area, you can find local park cleanups organized every month, free little libraries in front of many homes, and active diaper and warm coat drives every winter. 

Considering that the Bay Area is so vast, even nannies who live in the most suburban Bay cities have access to high quality nanny jobs with livable wages. Because Nannies Plus nanny agency serves Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Francisco counties, we work with nannies from all over the Bay Area, as our clients are located in many different places, as well!

Nannies, why do you love working in the Bay Area? Families, why did you choose to raise your children here?