Winter in the Bay Area is a truly magical time for kids. They are able to get swept up in the charm of the holiday season, witness the change of weather, and marvel at seasonal fairy tales and folklore.

With every change of season comes the opportunity to introduce your little ones to traditions and make memories that will last a lifetime! 

Here are 5 of our favorite things to do with your kids in the Bay Area this winter. 

  1. Go Ice Skating at Union Square!

Don’t forget to bundle up with many layers, as the ice brings an extra chill to the air! For a fun seasonal tradition, you can also marvel at the exciting window displays at nearby department stores!

  1. Take a Train Ride Through Niles Canyon!

The tickets for this event sell out quickly, but the festive lights on the train are truly worth snagging tickets early.

  1. Walk Through the Zoo at Night at Oakland’s Zoo Lights Events!

This is an annual event you won’t want to miss! Not only will you be delighted by the incredible light sculptures of animals, but you also get to experience the Oakland Zoo at night! What a treat!

  1. Invite your friends to a backyard winter wonderland – hosted by you!

Every winter break poses a perfect opportunity to introduce your kiddos to socializing outside of school or daycare. You can create your own paper snowflakes, hot chocolate bar, or gingerbread house making stations! Kids can be involved in setting up the party, making invitations, and introducing their peers to the activities you coordinated!

  1. Attend Christmas in the Park in San Jose!

The hot chocolate is worth writing home about! Take a stroll through the park, snap a photo with Santa Claus, and enjoy all of the season’s offerings as a family!

The Bay Area has a whole host of fun ways to ring in the winter season. Whatever way you choose to enjoy this special time of year, we hope you make memories to last a lifetime with your family.