Nannies Plus is an agency dedicated to supporting nannies through growth in their careers. As a former nanny of 25 years, our founder, Joy Colino, has been committed to encouraging nannies to reach their full potential through professional development. She truly believes in the value of continuing education and training. 

Education can build confidence, open up opportunities, and make you stand out as a nanny. Even the most seasoned career nanny may feel inspired by a new piece of information or strategy to incorporate into their work. Newer nannies can gain an edge in their job search by showing families their academic accomplishments and carving out an area of expertise.

Taking classes, reading books, and attending workshops are all ways to invest in yourself, and in turn, the children you care for. Most importantly, little ones thrive when their nannies are motivated and eager to incorporate new methods into their role as a childcare provider.

We want to share with you several online ways nannies can progress their professional development! Fortunately, Bay Area nannies have access to innumerable resources for professional career growth and expanding skill sets. We have curated a list of the best resources for training for you, our community of nannies, to explore! Check out these organizations, websites, and books to invest in yourself, and expand in your career.

  1. Bananas – Oakland, CA

Bananas is a non profit organization based in Oakland, which is dedicated to uplifting childcare professionals in their careers. Not only can nannies obtain their first aid and CPR certification, but they can also take classes on pediatric nutrition, establishing routines, increasing literacy, and more. Keep an eye out for updates on their training calendar! There’s always something new to learn, and they keep the selection of events fresh.

Bonus points for Bananas: they offer many workshops and support circles in Spanish.

Nannies, Bananas is also supporting childcare providers with scheduling their COVID-19 vaccines! If you’re looking for guidance in reserving an appointment, please reach out to their team.

  1. Hively – Oakland, CA

Hively is another Bay Area based nonprofit that has roots dating back to the 1970s!  Their mission is to guide childcare providers through free coaching and community building workshops.  

Their unique event selection includes a book club for childcare providers, as well as a year long course on providing trauma informed care for families!

Nannies, you may qualify for multiple categories of training with Hively. Keep yourself open to learning from their FFN (Family, Friend, and Neighbor) series, as well as their early childhood educator sessions about STEM activities. You can benefit from the insights from both programs, and you’re welcome to learn from them all!

  1. Sesame Street in Communities

Did you know that Sesame Street doesn’t only have content geared toward children?  Their website has several free webinars, videos, and courses for childcare professionals!  

For nannies who are on a budget, consider accessing this free resource! Their creative programs are invaluable to those who seek to expand their knowledge. 

  1. INA – the International Nanny Association

Nannies, it’s true! There is an official international association of nannies. This exclusive association seeks to support professional nannies and newborn care specialists in building community, and growing as professionals.  

Not only do they offer online webinars and interesting articles, but they also conduct annual conferences hosted in exciting cities across the country. These conferences allow nannies to network with one another, and take advantage of panel discussions, lectures, and product testing from leading experts in the industry.

The annual membership is only $55 per year!

  1. US Nanny Institute

The US Nanny Institute identified a need in the market of nannies who were seeking a more specialized kind of education: one that is directly related to domestic childcare providers. Their faculty includes nutritionists, therapists, early childhood educators, and career nannies – all who understand the unique dynamics of working in the domestic sphere. Their classes are highly recognized and respected, as they demonstrate their commitment to quality childcare!

  1. Community College Early Childhood Education Courses

The Bay Area has several community colleges offering affordable online and in person early childhood education courses to take advantage of. It can be inspiring to meet with a group of other childcare providers to discuss child development, curriculum, or supporting social skills. You can work toward a goal of a certificate in the field, or simply take classes a la carte as they appeal to you!

  1. Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula Training

For those who can plan to invest a bit more for training, you may be interested in pursuing a certification as a newborn care specialist or postpartum doula. Programs such as the NCS training from Newborn Care Solutions or the postpartum doula training from Cornerstone Doula Trainings offer valuable programs founded on extensive research to expertly train childcare providers. This can help you better understand the transition into parenthood that families go through, so that you may offer them more informed support during a transitional time in their lives. 

Nannies with only big kid experience: this can support your transition into serving families with new babies! Working with a diverse age range is a wonderful way to market yourself and have more power in selecting a job that’s the right fit for you.