Welcome, families! Last week we covered year-end bonuses and today we’re talking about nanny gift ideas! Show your nanny how important their contributions to your family team are by giving them a thoughtful holiday gift. Since everyone on our Nannies Plus team has worked as a nanny in the past, we think you’ll find this guide particularly helpful. 

For the Foodie Nanny

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Give your nanny a gift certificate to their favorite local cafe or restaurant. If you need restaurant inspiration, check out Eater.

For the Sentimental Nanny

A framed photo of the kiddos is a sweet way to recognize your nanny’s special relationship with their charges. Frames can be purchased inexpensively, and many print shops allow you to print photos directly from your phone.

For the Bookworm Nanny

A gift card from a local bookseller is always appreciated by a book-loving nanny! Loakl is a great resource for connecting with local booksellers in the Bay Area.

For the Creative Nanny

Register your nanny for a fun online class like Doodling for Fun and Relaxation at Hello Stitch Studio.

For the Nanny Seeking Professional Development

Treat your nanny to a membership to The International Nanny Association. The INA is a great resource for nannies to further their professional development and connect with leaders in the childcare industry.

If these aren’t ringing your bell, try some of the suggestions from our National Nanny Recognition Week blog.

Share your favorite nanny gift ideas in the comments below!