As we approach the end of 2020, gift giving may be on your mind. A blog on nanny gift ideas is forthcoming, but in the meantime have you considered giving your nanny a holiday bonus? In this blog we’ll discuss why nanny holiday bonuses are great, and how much you should give.

Why should I give my nanny a holiday bonus?

Take a moment to reflect on all of the ways your nanny contributes to your family team. Your nanny is a partner on your journey as parents. They support you through some of the most significant and precious years of your family’s life. Showing your nanny how meaningful their contribution is to your family with a holiday bonus can mean the world to them!

  • Bonuses provide tangible feedback for a job well done
  • Nannies find bonuses motivating- they know their efforts are appreciated!
  • Bonuses make your nanny feel like a special and integral part of the family team

How much should my nannie’s holiday bonus be?

A good rule of thumb to follow for calculating nanny holiday bonuses is by their weekly pay; a bonus equaling 1 – 4 weeks of pay is great. However, don’t feel guilty if you can’t swing that much this year. Consider providing a few days of paid time off or a smaller dollar amount instead.

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Are you planning on giving your nanny a bonus this year, or are you a nanny who received a bonus? Let us know in the comments!