September 21st to September 28th, 2019

Your nanny is an invaluable member of your family team who works from the heart. During National Nanny Recognition Week, find ways to make your nanny feel special!

Here are some of the ways you can honor the love and devotion your nanny brings to their work:

  1. Make a card with your kiddos to present to them with a bouquet of flowers!
  2. Prepare a basket with some of their favorites (perfume, lotions, candles, etc.)!
  3. Bake a cake or cookies with your little ones, especially for nanny!
  4. Buy your nanny a ticket to the International Nanny Assocation’s next conference in Montreal!
  5. Buy your nanny a membership to the International Nanny Association!
  6. Buy your nanny a membership to the US Nanny Association!
  7. Buy your nanny a ticket to Nannypalooza
  8. Give them a surprise day off!
  9. Pay for their CPR certification renewal!
  10. Scrapbook photos and mementos from your nanny’s adventures with your family!
  11. Cover your nanny’s membership fee to a local gym!
  12. Treat them to a delicious dinner, prepared by your family!
  13. Hire a photographer to take portraits of your nanny with your little ones, and give them the framed photos!
  14. Tell them why you’re thankful for them!
  15. Give them a gift certificate to a spa!
  16. Give them tickets to the theater or a concert!
  17. Have their car detailed (especially if your little ones are notorious in-car snackers)!
  18. Give them a raise or a bonus!
  19. Buy them some nanny-swag from Nanny Tees!
  20. Treat your nanny to a subscription to Nanny Mag.

Families, take a moment to reflect on all of the ways your nanny contributes to your family team. Your nanny is a partner on your journey through parenthood, supporting you through some of the most significant and precious years of your family’s life. Showing your nanny just how meaningful their contribution is to your family can mean the world to them! 

How do you plan on celebrating National Nanny Recognition Week? Be sure to share your stories and photos with Nannies Plus!