By Anna Maguire

We all have that one thing we do well. For someone of us, it stems from lessons taken in childhood, for others it’s just a hobby we love doing. For a nanny, understanding and demonstrating your niche to your family is a valuable job skill.

All nannies love and have experience caring for children. Showing parents what you do the best helps you stand out from other candidates and helps you find that perfect match. By incorporating an activity you love, you enrich your life as well as the lives of the children you care for.

A popular niche is specializing in newborn care.  This is particularly helpful for first-time parents and parents who work long hours outside of the home. Many nannies gain newborn knowledge through years of experience and by attending classes and trainings on newborn and infant care.

Many parents with older children appreciate having a nanny proficient in a musical instrument or foreign language. This allows children to develop the skill naturally in a home environment and can reinforce lessons taken outside the home.

Some nannies have taught elementary or preschool children.  These nannies can help fill in the academic gaps that children are not getting at school.  Having a vast area of general knowledge can help guide children through purposeful activities during play.

Even if your particular skill isn’t listed above there is always something you can offer the family that other nannies can’t.  Make that skill come across on your resume and during interviews to market yourself as a professional caregiver. You will be able to take pleasure in passing your gift along to your families and they will feel they have wisely invested in their child care choice.


Anna Maguire has a degree in Human Development and has worked with children and families for over 10 years. She enjoys helping her families live happy & healthy lives. When she’s not working she enjoys getting lost in a good book.