For Families

Allow our expertise to guide you. We take the uncertainty and inefficiency out of the placement process, and connect you with loving, experienced, extensively screened nannies. We work to find the best caregivers for your family’s unique culture based on aligned values, care giving style and personality fit.

We know that bringing a great nanny onto your family team is a big step! This is the work we love, and we are excited to share it with you!

For Nannies

We have your back. You’ll earn a livable wage in a respectful working environment. You’ll complete our extensive vetting process, and from there you’ll be part of our qualified pool. We’ll take on the work of finding the family that fits your needs around compensation, career goals, expectation of duties and location.

We want you to be in love with your next position, and we’d be honored to help guide you into this exciting new chapter!

We Get It

The well-being of your children can’t be understated. Nannies shape development and guide kids through treasured milestones. We know nannies have a critical role in the household, and having a nanny who fits seamlessly into your family’s lifestyle and culture is essential.

Our goal here is harmonious, mutually beneficial partnerships between nannies and families. Our nannies help create environments where kids can flourish and parents feel assured. Nannies Plus kids come away with more balanced home lives, happier childhoods, and brighter futures.



Shared Values

Mutual Respect

Nannies Plus is ready to meet the needs of your family!


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About the Founder

Joy Colino | Founder

Joy is a natural connector. Bringing people together brings her, well, joy! A nanny for 25 years in San  Francisco, Oakland, and Seattle, Joy has found rewards in heart and in spirit working with, nurturing and guiding families through the ins and outs of childhood and parenting. In an “ah ha” moment in 2013, Joy realized the potential for supporting many more families and nannies in leading happier, more balanced lives. In 2016 with love, dedication, and the support of the her team, she founded Nannies Plus.   Joy grew up in San Francisco, and lives in Oakland, and loves to be surrounded by friends, family, music, and belly laughs.